Our History

AQUATOOLS: the expert in point-of-use water hygiene

AQUATOOLS our history

The expert in point-of-use water hygiene, AQUATOOLS is a French company founded in 2006. AQUATOOLS manufactures anti-Legionella and anti-germ point-of-use filters for healthcare facilities and non-medical public buildings such as hotels, accommodations, and campsites.
Within just a few years, the brand's investment in R&D and collaboration with scientific experts allowed it to establish itself as a key player on the global point-of-use filter market. 
Today, AQUATOOLS' high quality and effective point-of-use filters have made it the market leader in France and a big name internationally, especially in the United States, where the company opened a subsidiary in 2017; and also in the United Kingdom, where a new subsidiary was opened in 2023.      
And our story is only just beginning...

AQUATOOLS our history


Marc Raymond founds aqua-tools in Aulnay sur Mauldre, Yvelines, France.
Water microbiology specialists.

AQUATOOLS our history


R&D department is created, specializing in point-of-use water filtration.

AQUATOOLS our history


1st generation of FILT’RAY terminal filters launches.

AQUATOOLS our history


aqua-tools establishes its headquarters and warehouse in Poissy, France.
2nd generation of FILT’RAY 2G point-of-use filters launches.

AQUATOOLS our history


aqua-tools Inc. is founded in Boston, USA.

AQUATOOLS’ head office moved to Friville (France).


AQUATOOLS head office moves to Friville (France).