Easy to track AQUATOOLS filter maintenance action plans 

AQUATOOLS presents its FILT’RAY Scan App to safely manage points- of- use and accurately trace the maintenance of FILT’RAY filters.


FILT'RAY filters have a maximum lifespan of 1, 2, or 3 months depending on the model. They therefore need to be replaced regularly.

FILT'RAY Scan is a mobile App which with secure identification which can be accessed using a tablet or smartphone with internet access. 
Once an ID has been created for each point-of-use (e.g. room number), the software can be used to identify the number of days remaining before the filter needs to be replaced, to set up servicing and maintenance schedules, define authorized users, and to archive maintenance activity.

FILT'RAY Scan is a useful tool that fits perfectly into the healthcare record system.

Filt'Ray Scan Smartphones
Filt'Ray Zoom
  • Personalized secure platform
  • Automatic SMS or e-mail alerts with reminders to replace filters
  • Full traceability for replacing FILT'RAY filters
  • Scan and automatically integrate filter data
  • Track the number of days remaining before a filter needs replacing
  • Schedule maintenance work
  • Create ADMIN and TECH accounts with different types of data access
  • Define authorized users
  • Save and send Excel and PDF reports

Download the App:

Download the App
  • Download the App on Android.
  • Download the App on iOS.

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