FILT'RAY 2G range of point-of-use filters

The innovative technology of anti-Legionella shower and faucet filters.

FILT’RAY2G filters are class 1 medical devices which use tubular membrane microfiltration to provide water that is free from bacteria, yeast, and mold spores. Developed by AQUATOOLS, this technology quickly secures points-of-use and provides a better, more comfortable water flow rate for the user. 

Eliminate all microorganisms with FILT'RAY 2G filters

FILT'RAY2G filters

FILT'RAY2G filters are recommended for securing points-of-use in the event of a Legionella alert. They comply with current regulations to protect users against Legionella.

Filter header
FILT'RAY flyer

Showerhead filter (to replace hand-held showerheads):
Anti-Legionella filter for showerheads and handheld showerheads, lifespans of 1, 2, & 3 months

Tap filter with shower spray or laminar flow (for installation at the tap outlet):
Anti-Legionella filter for faucets, lifespans of 1, 2, & 3 months

Filter for wall-mounted fixed showers (to be installed on wall-mounted shower outlets)
Anti-Legionella filter for wall-mounted showers, lifespans of 1, 2, & 3 months

Bubl'air Wash

Innovative technology

Superior performance
-  Bubl’air Wash: mechanism for extending filter life
-  Tubular membrane with high flow rate, Ultra-Resistant (UR)
-  Long-lasting filter with a 3-times greater microfiltration surface area

Style that matches the scope of application
-  Compact shape
-  Fluid lines and soft curves
-  Easy to install

Retro-contamination control
-  Filtration at the point-of-use
-  Protective skirt
-  No stagnant water downstream of the filter  
-  Structured, conical jets from 15 to 73 psi (1 - 5 bar)
-  No splashing or aerosols
-  Smooth surfaces
-  Antimicrobial agent injected during molding

Ecological footprint
-  "Economy mode" water flow rate

Component rating policy
-  Household waste 

Technical features

  • Sterilizing grade filtration verified using ASTM F 838 methods
  • Tubular microfiltration membrane with 0.1μm nominal and 0.2μm absolute-rated porosity
  • Materials in line with the requirements of the European, US and FDA Pharmacopeia
  • Continuous checks on every unit of the filtration membrane
  • Single-use filters (cannot be sterilized or reused)
  • Sterile filters: gamma irradiation complies with the French standard in ISO 11137

FILT'RAY 2G water filtration and flow rate

Filter type

44 psi

15 psi


3.1 gal/min

1.2 gal/min


1.7 gal/min

0.6 gal/min

 Wall-mtd fixed showerhead

3.5 gal/min

1.0 gal/min

100% manufactured in France

100% made in France

FILT'RAY2G filters are assembled in France using plastic materials that are also produced and molded in France. 
The production process meets the most rigorous hygiene and quality certification requirements (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016).
All stages of assembly are carried out in an ISO class 7 clean room.