Solutions for bacteriologically controlled water

Point-of-use filters in healthcare facilities

AQUATOOLS point-of-use filters guarantee bacteriologically controlled water. Hospital water systems are subject to regular checks, to a greater or lesser degree depending on the type of use (cleaning, treatment, food services, medical use, etc.) and the risk level. Particular attention is paid to monitoring the bacteriological quality of the water in protected areas where patients are treated for burns, transplant, oncology, and hematology, for example.

Biological risks

Our anti-Legionella and anti-germ point-of-use filters

We offer the following removable and disposable point-of-use filters that guarantee bacteriologically controlled water:

  • level 1: for clean water intended for dermatological use, surgical hand washing, rinsing endoscopes, etc. It is delivered by non-sterile sterilizing-grade microfiltration devices.
  • level 2: for ultra-clean water intended for protected areas or rinsing bronchoscopes. It is delivered by sterile sterilizing-grade microfiltration devices.
FILT'RAY anti-Legionella filters

FILT'RAY anti-Legionella and anti-germ filters

Our sterilizing-grade filters have an absolute-rated porosity set at 0.1µm and have been verified to be effective for 1, 2, and 3 months.

Discover the technical features of our FILT'RAY sterilizing-grade filters:

FILT'RAY point-of-use filters are class 1 medical devices.

Different applications in Healthcare Facilities


Different applications in Healthcare Facilities:

  • Specialty, general medical, surgical, and teaching hospitals
  • Public and private clinics
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Long-term care, hospices